Who We Are

We launched the Total Advertisement Network (TAN) in December 2018 as part of our effort to create job opportunities for the teaming Nigerian masses, this time we are targeting the Automobile industry and to deliver best possible service in the field of advertising and media. GoloTAN is a branch of Golojan Internet Business Services which is one of the leading ICT Companies in the South East part of Nigeria. We belive in providing one stop solutions to all your advertising and media needs through this one single unified framework.

Why GoloTAN

We are partnering with KEKE and BUS unions, automobile companies and drivers, and also with other private transport firms. We provide advertising on KEKE hoods in any region of Nigeria starting from South East, including rural areas, and also in any quantity. We are genuine organisation registered with CAC and we provide platforms for our clients to manage their campaigns any time through out portal. Best quality vinyl is used to paste on auto hood or back boardplates.

The Network

We understand the need to the automobile workforce, that is why we are recruiting them largely throught the TAN network and using the Multi-Level-Marketing network to keep them going while providing secondary income to them while doing what they all like best.

Our Firms

Our parent company is Golojan IBS (www.golojan.com) and we would like to share the services with you for your ICT related projects such as Websites, Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications, etc.